Fasciapulsologie a therapy that releases the traumatic memory of the body and soul.


Fascia is under your skin, encasing your body and webbing its way though your insides like spiderwebs. It is made primaraly of densely packed collagen fibers that create a full body system of sheets, chords and bags that wraps, divide and permeate everyone of your muscle, bones, nerves and organs.

Fascia protects the body and keeps it in taut human shape.

Fascia is a major player in every movement. It wraps each of the individual internal parts keeping them separate and allowing then to slide easily with your movements. It makes your body an harmonial functionnal unity by linking the whole body structure together.

Fascias are very sensitive and get tensions caused by stress of any kind.


Fasciapulsologie is a manual therapy based on a soft but deep manual pressure that will soften the tensions brought in your fascias. This way, it allows the blood to circulate better in the fascia sheets (pulsologie).


Fasciapulsologie addresses to everyone and can be preventive or curative. 

Fasciapulsologie does not substitute medical treatment or diagnostic by a doctor and respects medical treatment.


There are a few contraindications as follows:

- peacemaker holders,

- pregnancy in the first 3 months,

- high or low blood pressure without medical treatment,

- phlebitis without medical treatment,

- blood thinning treatments (anticoagulant)


The Fasciapulsologie care last in average 1 hour. 

The Fee for a care  is 100 Euro. Children 50 euro. Special price for students and unemployed.

Some of the complementary heath insurances (mutuelles) reimburse total or part of the Fee, get informed by asking yours.

Payment by credit card (CB, Visa) accepted



A precious ally to your health 


  • Tendinitis, back pain, arthritis, sprains, etc

  • Digestion and transit disorders,

  • functionnal disorders linked to stress (vertigo, insomnia, migraines etc.),

  • Gynecological disorders, 

  • Psychosomatic disorders, 

  • Sports traumas, 

  • Disorders linked to pregnancy (after 4th pregnancy month), 

  • post delivery care,

  • Cellular drainage